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Power PangPang (Liquid Detergent)

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  • South Korea South Korea

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Product Detail Information

Power PangPang (Liquid Detergent)

-Type: Detergent

-Detergent Type: Cleaner

-Detergent Use: Clothing

-Shape: Liquid

-Feature: Disposable, Eco-Friendly

-Place of Origin: South Korea

-Brand Name: Eco Living Health

-Model Number: 3.1kg

-Validity: 3 years

Function and property: Laundry detergent liquid


 Product Specification:

* Upgraded formula of bio-active enzyme factor catches and removes the stubborn stains effectively, especially on cuffs and collars.

* Keeps clothes pleasant with long-lasting fragrant scent after the wash.

* Free from phosphorus.

* Contains stain-suspending agent, which can prevent stains re-filtering into fabric, making clothes clean and bright.

* It is available to use on both general-washing machine and drum-washing machine.


 Product Features: 

* Concentrated styled high-quality laundry detergent liquid.

* Keeps clothes clean, bright and soft.

* Sterilizing action for your clothes.

* Protects your skin and the environment safe by eco-friendly function.

* Strong detergency, even in using of little amount of product.

* No fabric damage or discoloration.

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